Buying a toilet is the main thing involved in a bathroom renovation. We buy toilets not only for the makeover of the bathroom but also for replacing the old toilet. A little information about buying a toilet must be kept in mind before selecting the toilet.

Before buying a toilet take a look at all the options available, technological changes, and different features involved in the toilet of different companies. Some of the features are

The flush performance rating system

This rating system provides a rating between 1 to 10 to each toilet. This rating based on different features of toilets and various tests conducted to test the rating. This rating shows on the flush tank. More the rating better the toilet is. Generally, different levels of rating are considered but mainly rating is placed at three different levels:-


Performance level:

Good (1-3)

Better (4-7)

Best (8-10)

MaP testing

To save the water in every flush and effective functioning of toilets a separate testing system is introduced which helps to show what toilet contains what features by providing them different ratings through conducting different tests. According to experts, toilets recommended according to the weight of the tank

Weight Recommend:

Highly recommended (1000-600g)

Recommended (600-350g)

Acceptable (350-250g)

Not recommended (250-0g)

One-piece and two-piece toilet:

A tank that is separated from bowl considered as a two-piece toilet but if the tank is attached with bowl it is called on piece toilet. The one-piece toilet is more suitable as a comparison to a two-piece toilet.

Pros of one piece of toilet:

One-piece toilet in a little bit expensive as compared to two pieces. But if you want to save money and choose a two-piece toilet look for the toilet that has raised back on the bowl which helps to solve the problem of fluids.

Before buying the toilet consider the height option as well. Height becomes the important factor if you have children in your house otherwise height factor can be ignored as well. A comfort height for the toilet is between 17 to 19 inches according to the American Disabilities Act. But if we have small children toilet height can be between 15 to 16 inches.

Toilet rough-in

Rough-in is the distance between the center of the toilet flange and the wall. Knowing your rough in size helps to fit the toilet in the bathroom perfectly. If you want to measure your rough-in size of toilet simply measure from bolt cap to wall.

Standard rough in size- 12 inches

Focus on all the above mention points before buying a toilet. Also, check all the options available and compare features of different brands to get a good quality toilet at affordable prices.

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