Buying, Installation, and Care for the best bathroom mirrors

The mirror is not only used for showing how you look. Its functioning is much more than showing our reflection. It helps to enhance the beauty of the bathroom and change the complete look of the bathroom. When you decide to buy a bathroom mirror the work is not completed after purchasing installation and complete care for the mirror is also necessary.

Buying the bathroom mirror:

Before buying the mirror some things should be considered such as

Installation of the bathroom mirror:

After purchasing a mirror next step is to install a mirror. A procedure is used to install a mirror.

Choose a place- select a place in the bathroom where you decide to install a mirror.

Ensure safety- the safety of a person who installs the mirror is important. Wearing gloves and using protection material helps to avoid any kind of damage in the installation of the mirror.

Read instructions carefully- read all the instructions provided at the manual regarding the installation of the mirror. Install the mirror step by step as prescribed in the manual.

Clips, screws can be used to install a mirror

Mainly two types of installation procedures are used

Adhesive installation- apply glue at the back of the mirror

Bracket installation- mounting mirror with four brackets

The bracket installation procedure is more popular because in this you can change the position of your mirror as well according to your taste.

Caring for bathroom mirror

If you think after installation of mirror your work is done then you are wrong. The caring of the mirror is equally important as well.

Make sure your bathroom has a proper ventilation facility.

Whenever the mirror looks foggy wipe it with a clean and dry cloth.

After every shower, clean bathroom mirror.

Avoid store-bought cleaner, it includes chemicals.

Avoid using an excessive amount of soap to clean mirror

Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning of a mirror instead of regular cloth

You can use either vinegar or lemon juice to clean the mirror.

Homemade vinegar and water solution can be used to get rid of stains

After cleaning, inspect the mirror and check out from every angle if there is any stain or streak on the mirror.

By adopting a proper cleaning method and with the regular cleaning you don’t need to worry about the streaks or gunk in the mirror.

Caring for a mirror is required as long as the mirror is placed in the bathroom. With proper caring, the shine of the mirror remains and it enhances the beauty of the bathroom.

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