KDK021 Elvera Ambulant Toilet Suite

KDK021 Elvera Ambulant Toilet Suite

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Back/Left and Right Bottom Inlet Cistern (KDK021C)
Box Rim Easy Height Raised Pan (KDK021P)

4.5/3 Liters Dual Flush
Size: 660*395*905mm
Trap-100: 100-185mm (Supplied)
UF Standard Seat SC803 (Supplied)
Seat Cover Bracket Code:  K05

Trap-60: 60-135mm
JT43: 150-225mm
P-Trap: 180mm
Change to Single Flap Care Seat SC130
when Back Rest is used.

Elvera Ambulant Toilet Specification

AS1428.1-2009 Ambulant Toilet